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Metal Gaskets for multiple flange sizes !


  Custom designed to eliminate the high cost of metal gaskets and the higher cost of
  keeping metal gaskets  in  inventory, Our  multi-flange metal gaskets will fit in multiple
  flange sizes  simplifying what you need  to keep available for your requirements.

 Multi-Flange Metal Gaskets are:

  • Fire Safe to 5000 degrees  F

  • Blowout Proof to 5000 PSI

  • US Navy Approved for lube oil  & Steam

  • Handle a PH range from 0 - 14

  • Available for ANSI, DIN, JIS, BS and Navy Drill dimensions

  • In both PTFE and Flexible Graphite

Call American Seal & Packing at (714) 593-9780 for your
Multi-Flange Metal Gaskets

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